Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HK TVB Drama Series World ! ! ! ! ! !

All 100% DVDs(except cantonese version). Mandarin version drama come with artwork and original wrap like picture above, play on normal DVD player.

selling by post, after you received the disc, pls transfter money to my acc. The price include postage, buy 2sets above can get more discount!

PLS contact me: dkny_diana@hotmail.com

PS: Mandarin sounds same with HK Drama in Channel U or Channel 55 version. Behind the drama’s name C for Cantonese sounds, M for Mandarin sounds.

NEW TVB DRAMA selling price

开心宾馆 The Fantasy Hotel(陶大宇MichealTao, 吴美珩Melissa) 22episode selling $15 (M)

妙手仁心3 Healing Hand 3 40episode 3DVDs selling $20 (C)

布衣神相 Fate to Face 32 episode $20 (M) New 2006

爱情全保 Love Guaranteed(陈锦鸿Chan Sunny) 20 episode selling $15 (C) 2006 New

美味情缘 Taste of Love(陈慧姗Flora Chan, 吴启华Lawrence Ng Kai Wah) $15 (C)

楼住有情人 At home with Love(吴启华Lawrence Ng Kai Wah) $20 (C) NEW 2006

戆夫成龙 Square Pegs(宣萱Jessica, 郭晋安Kwok Chun On) 20 episode $15 (C)

楚汉骄雄 Conqueror's Story(郑少秋Adam Cheng, 张可颐Maggie Cheung) 30 episode $15 (C)

More pictures at: http://hktvbdramapic.blogspot.com/

The list below all Original DVDs:

十兄弟 Ten Brother $20 (M) Original come with DVD box

血荐轩辕 Blade Heart(郑少秋Adam Cheng, 汪明荃Wong Lisa) $20 (M)

大唐双龙传 Twin of Brothers(吳卓羲Ng Cheuk Hai, 林峰Raymond, 杨怡Tavia Yeung) $20 (M)

美味天王 A Recipe For The Heart(欧阳振华Bobby, 古天乐Louis Koo, 张可颐Maggie Cheung) $20 (M)

美味情缘 Taste of Love(慧姗Flora Chan, 吴启华Lawrence Ng Kai Wah,林峰Raymond) $20 (M)

More pics at: http://www.hktvbdramapic2.blogspot.com/

The latest drama below all Mandarin sounds:

东方之珠 Glittering Days 35 episode (M) $25 Original DVDs

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